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Your Home.

Your Mortgage.

Your Way.

The right mortgage at the right rate: that's the promise of working with a licensed Mortgage Broker in Vancouver.


Today's Rates*

4.64% (fixed)

5.90% (variable)

Christopher Rouse

Mortgage Planner

City Wide Mortgage Services

*Conditions apply. Updated July 12, 2024

Hi. I'm Chris. I'm a Mortgage Broker here in Vancouver.

And I'd like to work with you.

I work with over 50 lenders (including chartered and major banks, credit unions, and other national and regional lenders) who will compete for your business and provide financing that fits your unique needs now and hedges against unforeseen changes in the future. Whether you are buying a new Vancouver home, renewing or refinancing an existing mortgage, buying a second home or investment property, or looking for ways to bolster cash flow or cut down debt, I will find the financing solution that offers maximum value and helps protect your long-term interests.


Mortgage Planning Services

Leasing a Home

New Home Purchases

We'll get it right the first time.

Confused by all the options out there? We'll begin with your goals, and I'll work to find a mortgage that will give you peace of mind (and save you money!)

Fixed Rates from




We'll choose the right path.

We'll review your progress and I'll help fine-tune your mortgage for lower payments, quicker redemption, or both!

Variable rates from


Young Entrepreneur

For Entrepreneurs

Self-employed? Been there! I can help.

Many entrepreneurs assume they won't qualify for a mortgage. Many assume wrong. Lenders are eager for your business -- I'll help you find them.

Terms of 

1-10 yrs



I work with over 50 lenders to find the best rate to meet your specific mortgage needs in Vancouver.

Fixed Rates

July 12, 2024

Variable Rates

July 12, 2024

* Terms up to 5 years

New Purchase

Why Pre-Qualify for a Mortgage?

When you fall in love with a new Vancouver home that ticks all the boxes, it's better to know what you can afford to offer right away ⁠— and what wiggle room you have to negotiate. Let's pre-qualify you so you can hunt for a new home with confidence.  

New Home Purchases

Start out the right way with the right mortgage plan.

Buying a new Vancouver home is exciting — and sometimes a little confusing. How much can you borrow? What kind of downpayment do you need? Should you lock in to a fixed rate, or choose a variable one? 

Together, we will work out a plan to get you the financing you need to secure that new home — and feel secure about keeping it.

Time to Renew?

Loan term coming to an end? Now's the time to evaluate options for saving money now and in the future.

Need to Refinance?

Things change. Get the most out of your existing home's equity when you need it.


Reverse Mortgages: Right for You?

If you're retired and own your home, chances are your home equity has grown considerably over the years. A reverse mortgage gives you the option of converting a portion of that equity into a lump sum and/or regular income payments, TAX-FREE. You get to stay in your home and never have to make any mortgage payments. And you'll still have plenty of home value to pass on to your loved ones. Contact me for for a no-cost, no-obligation analysis of your home's tax-free income potential.



Referrals from Vancouver realtors are the engine of my business. If you are looking for a local mortgage planning partner who will remove the guesswork from your clients' borrowing experience, I'm your broker. Let's talk.


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City Wide Mortgage Services

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